What some of our clients are saying:

I hired Sara to assist me with a complex eviction situation involving an already established court judgment. On top of that, there were ever-changing eviction rules which had to be followed due to the pandemic.

Sara was great throughout the process; always responsive to emails and phone calls, as well as staying on top of the legal process as the case progressed. I would give her my highest recommendation!

I highly recommend Sara Naheedy. My husband and I were facing some difficult issues with lease termination with our landlord related to repairs. we were uncertain of our rights and had the further complication of trying to figure out what to do with coronavirus occurring. We reached out to Sara who responded very quickly and within a day had a letter drafted and sent to our landlords. We were then able to reach an amicable agreement. I appreciate her swift response and detailed support as this helped give us guidance in a stressful situation. Thank you, Sara!

Straightforward, responsive & honest. Will reach out again when we have additional needs.

I had peacefully tried for 2-3 months to break my apartment lease due to partying neighbors (and they were “fugitives” who had been arrested on the property).  I was unsuccessful.
I contacted Sara on Tuesday, 10/20/2020 and explained the situation. She had a Demand Letter sent to the apartment property manager by end of business the same day, and by Friday, 10/23/2020, the property manager agreed to break my lease.
If you are questioning to contact an attorney, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SARA!!  I wish I wouldn’t have waited as as long I did.

Sara Naheedy is the best attorney that you can have on your side during your time of need. She helped me with a problem as tenant living at an apartment complex (which was owned by a national and big name company)

I needed to terminate my lease due to poor living conditions. I didn’t know what my rights were as a tenant. I was also terrified of the possible legal retributions associated with breaking an apartment lease. Luckily, Sara was with me every step of the way.  In the end, she saved me from months of stress and misery due to the horrible conditions that I faced as a tenant.

Why should you choose Sara Naheedy for legal services?

1. You will get a lot of value for the money spent on her legal expertise. – Her knowledge and logical/analytical thinking is impeccable (I remember pointing out one of the many concerns that I had. Sara responded with this creative argument that alleviated me from that worry). She helped me understand my rights as a tenant, and helped me find options that I once thought were unattainable.
2. Sara is approachable and friendly. – Finding an attorney was an intimidating process for me. Sara was easy to talk to. She was never condescending and always listened to what I had to say (mostly rants).
3. Fast and comprehensive communication- whenever I had a question (during business hours) she responded promptly (insanely quick) and fully answered them.

Sara Naheedy helped me during a truly difficult time, and I cannot recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a professional/knowledgeable/efficient attorney, look no further.

Sara was great! We needed help to terminate our current lease. The HOA has done nothing to rectify the unacceptable living situation we had to deal with, with our neighbors and fellow tenants. We had for months tried to deal with this on our own. We had given up and thought we were doomed to stay here for our lease, but Sara was very quick and efficient. She responded immediately to all of our questions and concerns. She had a great demeanor and was easy to work with. She also does not play around and was able to get us out of our lease at no fault to us. I would highly recommend her.

I needed legal advice for a matter involving a dispute with a neighbor in my apartment home. I reached out to Sara’s office and got an immediate response from Sara, followed by a same-day consultation. Sara was straightforward and knowledgeable and helped to promptly resolve the situation. Highly recommend contacting her if you are in need of any help.

For the first time in all my life I had one of those “landlord from hell” situations.  Without going into details, I needed an attorney ASAP that new the law, could offer a solution and get results!  I had one objective – to terminate a lease and not be held liable for term damages.  

From the get-go, Sara was a great listener, easy to talk to, and sprung into action.  Within 24 hours, we had a signed addendum from both parties terminating the lease – goal accomplished!

Very pleased with my experience with Sara and would recommend for any lease conflict you may be experiencing.

I had a roommate from hell situation. He caused us to be evicted. Sara made the transition smooth between the frustrated apartments and I to avoid an eviction on my record.

She’s great at communicating, always prompt and amazing with explaining what was happening. Given my busy schedule, if she couldn’t reach me via text, phone, she would email me to keep me in the loop.

Would recommend.

I highly recommend Ms. Naheedy. I had a very difficult landlord / tenant issue. She helped me resolve it quickly, without having to go to court. Excellent communication, and fair pricing!